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What are Search Verticals? – Definition, Elements, And More (2023)

What are Search Verticals? – Definition, Elements, And More (2023)

Definition Search Verticals

Although they emerged almost at the same time as Internet search engines, search verticals are still perfect unknown to the general public.

In any case, the truth is that this concept refers to the different search sections present in search engines (for example, “web,” “images,” “news,” or “books,” in the case of Google ). Although the most common is that the results are in text format, they can also provide images, news, or videos. This facility offers a wide range of possibilities for optimizing web pages or SEO, although few experts work with elements other than text. It is a mistake, as this causes tools that can help improve organic traffic to get neglected.

The reason that pushed the Californian giant to innovate in this aspect was the habits of the users, who do not refine their search results (by clicking on the buttons available in the search engine itself: “news,” “images,” etc.).

In any case, the blow of the effect of Google inaugurated a new way of understanding SEO, which would affect other formats outside the text. In the following lines, guidelines for working with them.

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SEO for companies

It applies SEO in your online marketing strategy.

Strategies for optimizing images

Although image optimization is not always effective. It does not require great efforts either, so it is worth betting on it. It gives an advantage to the website in terms of its positioning in search results.

An essential element of image SEO is consistency when creating content for the site in question. Search engines value an image better if it is present on a website with a specific theme. For example, if it is a photograph of a bridge included on a website that consists of this word in the title, the subtitles, and its contents, it will increase the chances that Google will place it well in its search results related to bridges.

Also, other good practices can help this purpose. They are as follows:

  • Include the keyword or keyword in the image file.
  • Make sure that the keyword appears in the alt text attribute since Google takes this factor into account.
  • Use quality images to view easily when the search engine indexes them in thumbnails. For this, we recommend opting for images that have good contrast.
  • Make sure that the robots.txt document allows search engines to access images on the web.
  • If you have the reproduction rights of the images, allow other users to use them, on the condition that they indicate the name of the site from which they come.

Videos on SEO strategy

Other elements that we should not optimize are the videos. Vertical videos are expanding due to various aspects, like the generalization of the broadband line, which has led to increasing demand for videos. Hence, it is desirable to take them into account for any SEO strategy.

As in the case of images, the search engines are not yet capable of viewing the content of a video as a human being does. Search engines try to discover it through the elements that surround it, such as the meta description – a text that includes a brief description of its content. The links it receives or the anchor text of those links (that is, the text that users click on).

However, there are some nuances to be made about everything that search engines can see in the video content. For example, we must not lose sight of the fact that they can detect adult content, identify the face of certain people, or recognize texts. In any case, the truth is that these caveats cannot be taken into account when optimizing a video.

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