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What is a Traffic bot and what is a Traffic Generator for?

What is a Traffic bot and what is a Traffic Generator for?

Did you know that humans generate not all Internet traffic? A large portion of Internet traffic is non-human, also known as bot traffic, and this trend will continue. Marketers have been looking for ways to fake traffic data and pass it off as human traffic.

Some do it for a good reason. However, most users of human trafficking have bad intentions. Whether you intend to spoof traffic to your website for a good or bad reason, you must first learn about traffic bots and how they work.

This article will take the form of a definitive guide to traffic bots. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about traffic bots, including free traffic bot software, where to buy traffic, and the best proxies to use with traffic bots. Before proceeding, you should know that this article is written for educational purposes only.

What are Traffic bots?

Traffic bots are automation programs to generate traffic to a website. The traffic generated by traffic bots is not real traffic. It is fake traffic and they do not have human beings behind them, that is, they are non-human traffic, but generated by bots.

Traffic bots not only generate traffic, but can generate traffic from specific geolocations. Let’s say you want traffic from the United States only; the traffic bot can do it for you even if the computer hosting the bot is not physically located in the United States. This can be done using proxies from the United States.

One thing to know about traffic bots is that your website visits are recorded as normal traffic if there is no system to differentiate them from actual human traffic. There are some tools that can do this, like Google Analytics, but they are not efficient enough in many cases.

Bot Traffic Vs. Traffic Bot

The two terms (bot traffic and traffic bot) seem to have the same meaning. However, they are not the same and have a good number of differences. Let’s see each of them and their differences.

Bot Traffic

Bot traffic or bot traffic is non-human traffic generated by a bot. This can be traffic from a web crawler, form filler bots, add to cart bots, website monitor, and any other bot that sends web requests. Website owners don’t like bot traffic as it messes up their user analytics and can negatively affect the performance of their website.

Traffic Bot

The Traffic bot on the other hand, is not traffic, but traffic generating bots. The main purpose of the traffic they generate to the websites is to inflate the visitor count for some internet marketing purposesjust like https:/ Therefore, web crawlers and other specialized web automation tools cannot be considered as traffic bots, as they are not intended to inflate visitor statistics, but to perform other functions.

Why use Traffic Bots?

Have you ever thought why someone would fake their own website visitors? Isn’t it misleading? Well, it turned out that this is not the case, since they intend to achieve some goals by doing that. Let’s look at several of the reasons why people make use of traffic bots. For more info you can visit here.

Increase position in search engines

One of the most popular reasons people make use of traffic bots is to increase their search engine ranking, be it their page listing on Google, gig on Fiverr, and products on Amazon and eBay.

They don’t visit your product directly; bots send search queries to Google and then search for the particular listing they want to increase their SEO traffic and clicks. This increases your click-through rate (CTR), and CTR is an important metric for search engine rankings.

Fake visitor statistics

The value of a website goes beyond the content: the number and quality of visitors dictate the value more than the content itself. This is because the content can be replicated quickly; The same cannot be said of acquiring visitors.

Some website owners make use of traffic bots to inflate their visitor count when they want to sell the website or place ads on their site. With more visitors, the website will be valued more. Some even go so far as to use traffic bots to carry out ad fraud. We do not support this in any way.

Checking the performance of a hosting server

It’s good to test your website by sending a lot of traffic yourself and see how it responds. You can start with low traffic, record the result and increase the traffic. You’ll want to know when your website’s performance dropped to a level you wouldn’t want your visitors to experience.

With this test, you will know the performance of your hosting server and how it degrades with increased traffic. This will help you know when to scale up.

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