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GMAT Simulations Prepared By Experts’ Global, the Best in the Field!

GMAT Simulations Prepared By Experts’ Global, the Best in the Field!

GMAT Simulations Prepared by Experts’ Global, the Best in the Field!Mock tests are an integral part of your GMAT preparation.It is in giving these tests that you will develop a keen understanding of the GMAT and develop the stamina and skills needed to ace your GMAT. Suffice to say, mock tests are very important and a factor that absolutely must be taken into consideration, when choosing a GMAT prep program.

First of all, the difficulty and complexity of the tests must be the same as the real GMAT’s. Equally importantly, the test questions should also be in sync with the GMAT’s, meaning that they should cover the same concepts, in the same proportion and have a similar style of presentation. Scoring too should be as close to the GMAT’s, as possible. This is very important, for understanding your progress. It is also good to go for a test series that can provide in-depth analysis of your performance. Finally, while it is not the dominant factor, it would be wise to take cost into account, as well. Out of all the prominent GMAT practice tests, Experts Global is probably the best on all of these fronts. You can take a free GMAT practice test,  from Experts’ Global, at their website.

Number of Tests Experts’ Global’s mock test series has 15, full-length mock tests, which is more than what most others offer. This allows Experts’ Global’s students to get in a lot more practice, which in turn helps them build up the stamina needed for this exam and gain a better understanding of the type of exam strategies that they should employ. Question Quality Experts’ Global’s mock test questions are exceptionally GMAT-like. They cover the same concepts, have the same level of difficulty and complexity and also have a highly GMAT-like presentation style. The testing interface that Experts’ Global employs is also very much like the GMAT’s. It has the same full-screen layout, graphics, controls and even a timer that simulates the time pressure of the GMAT, by turning red if you take too long on a question.

Accurate Scoring Experts’ Global is unique in that their scoring system is almost perfectly aligned with the one employed by GMAC. Those who have taken up the Experts’ Global mock tests have reported that their scores on those tests were very close to the scores they got on their GMAT Prep mocks. This puts Experts’ Global’s mock tests ahead of the curve, in a very important way.

Excellent Performance Analysis Experts’ Global has backed their tests with a fantastic analysis system. It takes apart the student’s performance on each mock, to let them know exactly where they are performing best and worst and which sections, they are taking the most time. In this way, the analysis system helps the students improve upon both speed and accuracy.

Resources for Self-Study Another unique aspect of Experts’ Global’s test series is how much emphasis it places on self-study. For each question,there is a corresponding explanation video. These videos provide solutions to the questions, which are not only a great help for the questions that you could not answer but also for those that you could. These explanations will help you save time on all types of questions, by showing you how to solve them in the least amount of time. The tests also come with a set of ten e-books. These e-books are the best, most comprehensive, most detailed resource on GMAT sentence correction that there is In virtually every way that matters, Experts’ Global’s mock tests stand above the rest. If you are preparing for the GMAT, it is a truly vital prep resource.

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