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Understanding 1630 Military Time Conversion

Understanding 1630 Military Time Conversion

1630 Military Time Conversion

Have you ever thought what the meaning of 1630 military hours is? What is it and how to decode it to a layman language? We understand it can be complex, complicated and cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. So, how to do it? The complexities can become neutral if you know a simple formula to convert military hours (24-hour format). Thus if you are finding it difficult to decode 1630 military time then this article is going to be very useful for you. It will make you understand better how to convert the 24-hour format to the 12-hour format which we generally use.

We often hear sixteen thirty hour’s stands for 04:30 PM in the 12 hours format. In military language, it is written as “sixteen thirty hours” without any colon or semicolon in between the hours and the minutes. There are several watch manufacturing companies that manufacture a watch that converts military time that is 24-hour format to 12-hour format. They do it because its utility is immense in many professions and people buy these.

Understanding the Military TimeUnderstanding 1630 Military Time Conversion

It is important to understand before moving forward to learn the process of conversion that what is military time and how it is read and written? A military time does always contain four digits without any usage of the symbol in between the digits. The first two digits signify the hours and the last two digits show the minutes. For Example, 1630 military time is 04:30 PM or 0900 hours is 09:00 AM. It is simple to understand when the military time is greater than 12 that it is PM and when it is smaller than 12 then it is AM. So this is how it goes.

The difference in 12 & 24 hours format

In 12 hours format, the only things change AM or PM. The numerical figures remain the same. In contrary to that in 24 hours format, the hours reading can vary from 1 to 24 but the minutes reading remain the same. In 24 hours format, there is no AM or PM. Anything above 12 is PM

ConfusionsUnderstanding 1630 Military Time Conversion

Converting military time into a standard time can be complex for many. If you have served in the military then it’s not a big deal, but if you haven’t then it could be a cumbersome process for you. A common man always gets confused by reading the military time. And it happens vice versa in the case of a soldier. To be true this conversion should be on the tips of a soldier as he is the one who would need to decode this information more often. This can be highly useful in decoding secret papers. Thus it becomes important to learn simple tricks and methods which can make the conversion a cakewalk.

Need to convertUnderstanding 1630 Military Time Conversion

It happens often with professionals involved in social and print media to decode information from military statements and documents. They are liable to share information with the countrymen. This is their responsibility and they are accountable for it. Now in this scenario, they have to face this task much time of decoding military time into standard time. This is by and large because a civilian cannot understand military language.

It is useful for those who are working for military intelligence services as well. They are the people who capture or collect important information from several legitimate and illegitimate sources. The collected information is sometimes in raw shape. And it becomes tough and cumbersome for them to structure it. In such a scenario it becomes handy to be able to convert military time to standard time and vice versa. So that they can structure the raw information well into the language military men can decipher. Thus for doing this on regular basis it is beneficial to learn this kind of conversion.

A simple way of calculating

Several people get confused when the military time is more than 12 as they are used to a 12-hour format. If you also find it difficult then pay attention to this article. For decoding the military time when it is over 12, subtract the hour’s digits by 12. For example, if you want to decode 1430 military hours to a 12 hours format. Then subtract 12 from 14 and you would get 2. You know well and mentioned in the above paragraphs that when military hours are above 12 then it is PM. So, it is 02:30 PM.

Moving further in the article we will move the most important section the steps one needs to follow to complete the conversion.

Steps to convert military timeUnderstanding 1630 Military Time Conversion

Steps 1 – A dividing hour and time figures

First of all divide the hours and minutes figure separately. Let’s say for 1430 military time, it should be 14 hours and 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Identifying AM or PM

Now we understand we have to deduct 12 from the hours reading if it is greater than 13. Thus is in this case we would deduct 12 from 14 and the result comes out to be 2.

Step 3 – Get the minutes reading

Have a look at the minutes reading. But you need not worry because it is similar in both military and standard time cases. So in this case it would remain 30 minutes.

Step 4 – Add a colon

Add a colon between the hours and the minutes reading. Thus the converted time becomes 2:30 PM.

So through these simple steps, one can easily convert military time into standard time.

In the end, I would like to reiterate that converting military time to standard time can be a troublesome exercise for many. It is extremely important for the people who work in the peripheral professions of the military. It is important for the military men as well. I hope with this article our reader would become aware of how to make the conversion. This article about converting 1630 military time aims to make the reader well versed with the process and the technicalities of the conversion. We again mention that learning this conversion can be extremely beneficial.

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