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Why Trucking Companies Need A Fleet Management Software?

Why Trucking Companies Need A Fleet Management Software?

Let us begin by defining what a fleet management software is and what it does. The most basic function of a fleet management software is to gather, store, and process information. It monitors all kinds of vehicles, may it be a local delivery fleet or nationwide trucking.

This technology has numerous applications such as vehicle navigation and tracking, fuel management, maintenance tracking, speed monitoring, and so much more. Some systems are even able to monitor and record driving behavior, which helps to improve a driver’s performance.

With all these features in mind, we can now give the credit to fleet management software for being able to fulfill responsibilities such as overseeing, recording, and organizing all aspects of a company’s fleet.

This software is a viable solution to problems such as high fuel costs, late deliveries, and if you are suspecting that your drivers are taking side trips and you are tired of excuses like heavy traffic, etc. Let us go ahead and dig a little deeper into what advantages do having a fleet management system can offer.

Vehicle Tracking

The most apparent benefit of having a fleet management software is its ability to monitor your trucks through a GPS tracking system. Company fleet owners will be able to pinpoint the exact whereabouts and movement of their fleet.

Being able to track your fleet can solve so many issues, such as unnecessary side trips, late deliveries, etc. With the right software, supervisors gain better sights and the ability to stop illicit use of the vehicles from their command base.

You can use fleet tracking devices to advanced wired GPS trackers with inputs and outputs

Monitor Driving Behavior

Apart from tracking fleet movement, administrators gain the ability to observe driving behavior such as speeding and unnecessary idling. The software can record and create a report of these driving behaviors, which will then serve as useful data for addressing opportunities.

With the data in hand, supervisors can finally single out drivers with dangerous driving behaviors and act on it accordingly.

Improve Fuel Management And Efficiency

With the help of fleet management software, trucking companies can reduce fuel costs with a more effective fuel management protocol. Fleet managers can gather data about drivers idle times, bad roundabouts, refueling trucks, and identify best practices in saving fuel.

Apart from monitoring fuel costs, the software also grants owners the facility to plan efficient routes. Having data readily available online, trucking companies can quickly determine more ideal circuits and best travel times. It also helps those who monitor the fleet through GPS alternative routes in case it detects heavy traffic in their usual course.

Additionally, most fleet management software providers offer fuel cards letting the fleet purchase fuel at a bunker price.

Bunker price means having more significant discounts on fuel purchases.

Automated And Timely Reports

Fleet management software can deliver real-time reports, whether it is needed hourly or daily. Generating reports on time will increase efficiency in decision making.

Automated reports also reduce manual labor for your drivers. Electronic logging devices (ELD) automatically tracks a driver’s hours of service (HOS), fuel consumption, and other data needed to complete the quarterly IFTA report.

This new electronic process also produces accurate computation of hours and tax. With zero percent of margin error, fleet managers can relax and expect safety from fearsome IFTA audits conducted by the governing branch.

Considering that driving isn’t the only task truck drivers do, having reports automate will reduce additional duties for commercial truck drivers, thus increasing efficiency.

Monitor Feet Maintenance

Almost all fleet management software providers offer premium maintenance services for their clients. Such services include regular maintenance checks, mobile technicians, and access to an extensive network of repair centers.

Having an automated routine maintenance check on vehicle units promotes awareness of small issues before it reaches an unmanageable state. This automation lessens repair and replacement costs.

Fleet management software also has data on mileage and other performance indicators. It poses as a big help in making sure that vehicles are in good condition. Ultimately, this leads to a longer lifespan for the commercial truck units.

Increased Security And Lesser Insurance Cost

Fleet management software also grant additional security.  Having access to vehicular control mechanisms, locating stolen vehicles, and reporting hijacked units to the police real-time can contribute immensely in apprehending culprits.

The built-in mechanism lies within the vehicle, which allows the owners to slow down the unit and gradually make it stop remotely. This security feature is useful for company fleets that mostly travel with highly expensive goods.

This security feature also decreases insurance costs as hijacking incidents are less likely to happen. Insurance providers are also more likely to give discounts to companies with fleet management software, considering that having this software in place increases road safety and reduces risks of accidents.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate is critical to the success of any business. Having complete supervision over your fleet allows owners to track all your resources. Owners will be able to adjust to customer preferences easily and allocate funds to the right places.

Having a fleet management software reduces delivery time. Owners of highly efficient fleet software can provide better service to their clients, which will keep them ahead of their competition. Customers are more likely to stay if they continue to receive high-quality service.

Also, through the software’s integrated tracking systems, customers can get access to real-time information about the status of their deliveries with an app. Through the fleet management portal, customers can log in and monitor the status of their ordered goods online.

Improves Employee Satisfaction

Not only does fleet management software improve customer satisfaction, but it also affects employees in a good way. With a more efficient workflow granted by a useful tool, trucking companies can optimize a driver’s work by reducing the required manual tasks and increasing work comfort.

The Government Requires ELDs For Commercial Trucking Operators

The ELD mandate covers all drivers and owner-operators who are previously logging their HOS through paper logs or an old generation of recorders known as AOBRD or Automatic On-Board Recording Device.

The simplest types of this new tech arrive with software having enough ability to track hours and keep records with high accuracy. If a trucking company would like golden features for their large fleets, upgrading to ELD with a great fleet management software solution is the way to go.

Overall Process Efficiency

Having a fleet management software provides an overall business process efficiency. Keeping a well-managed fleet and submitting accurate reports may seem like an overwhelming challenge. But with the help of a fleet management software, it will dramatically reduce lots of paperwork, enhance fleet performance and increased profits eventually if used right.

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